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Electroloc Locksmith & Security Systems provides a broad range of security services that can help you and your loved ones feel a lot safer within the premises of where you are living, working, etc.

Our services are all carried out by teams of highly trained professionals who conform to our beliefs and principles. All our services are executed using the latest, state-of-the-art technology to ensure a higher level of effectiveness and assurance.

Our services include the following –

Residential vault
Industrial Locksmith Services

We offer a range of industrial grade lock hardware, from pure industrial grade padlocks to government grade lock hardware. Our professionals are well-versed in changing and repairing any standard lock.

Electronic Entry System Installation & Service

We install, service, and maintain automatic gates, telephone entry, closed-circuit video, key fob and key card access, and keypad systems. We also install and repair wrought iron, wood, and chain link gates and fencing.

Hardware Supplies

We provide a variety of hardware supplies for your security systems and enhancement. All our supplies are of international grade, reliable, and top-notch quality, aided and manufactured by the latest technology.

Security door access
Bullet Resistive Windows

We provide bullet resistant windows and their installation and maintenance services. Our services have been used in diverse industries including applications for Banking, Fast Food, Government, Law Enforcement, Cheque Cashing, Residential Homes and much more.

Access Control System & Combination Installment

We offer state-of-the-art access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security serving any facility size.

Security devices
Security Cameras

Our rugged, compact, and all-weather performance security cameras are suitable in almost any environment. They have proven effective in the most demanding site locations, such as banks, correctional facilities, and schools.

Vault door installations

We offer vault door installations to provide protection for the safe storage of classified documents, restricted data, weapons, valuables, and all other sensitive materials against covert, surreptitious or forcible attack.

Custom Transport & Drop Safes

We provide custom transport & drop safes that offer fire and burglary protection. Our safes negate sophisticated methods of lock picking or pinpoint drilling by the use of high-security locks, thick plates & highly responsive re-locking devices.

All our services are available for commercial or residential work. We are always available for emergency services. We also provide free estimates and delivery. We are open to phone orders and service calls.

Unrivalled Security Solutions for Your Safety.

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